Yasseen Mansour

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Yasseen Mansour born 1961/1962, is an Egyptian billionaire businessman. He is one of the major shareholders in Palm Hills Developments. Majority of his wealth is currently tied up in Mansour Group which was founded by his father Mr Loutfy Mansour. The company owns Caterpillar and General Motors dealerships. He has two brothers who are also billionaires, Mohamed Mansour and Youssef Mansour. As of July 2019, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$1.5 billion.

Yaseen Mansour is the youngest son of the late Loutfy Mansour of Egypt. He was born in the 1961/1962 in Cairo, Egypt. Yassen is the fourth son in the Mansour Family. His eldest brother Ismail Mansour died in 1997. Like his father, Yaseen received his higher education from the prestigious George Washington University. The Mansour Group was founded by Yaseen’s father. Yaseen Mansour was introduced to the family business in 1986 when he joined the Mansour Automotive Company. Yaseen never looked back and went on to climb the pillars of success. He has managed various companies under various sectors and has demonstrated the ability to grasp the business to its very essence.

Yaseen Mansour has his own schemes of ideas towards success. He is responsible for bringing a unique chapter to the history of highly flourishing Mansour Group. He founded the firm Manfoods which is the owner and operator of the American Burger McDonalds franchises across Egypt.

Known as one of the renowned Mansour Brothers in Egypt, Yaseen Mansour, along with his two billionaire brothers were involved in land crisis but were later cleared of charges involving the misappropriation of state land for Palm Hills Developments which is considered as one of the biggest real estate developers in Egypt. The Mansour Group holds the rights of distributing L’Oreal products in Egypt and also holds the sole rights to General Motor dealership in Egypt and Iran.


In 2011, he stepped down as the chief executive officer of the company though he remains as the Chairman. Apart from this, Yaseen is a very dedicated philanthropist. He uses his business acumen to serve the society in best possible way. He co-founded the Lead Foundation to impart useful philanthropic services to the society.Yaseen Mansour lives in the Capital city Cairo with his wife and four children. Apart from his two elder brothers, he has a sister, Rawya.

Yaseen is an active board member of the National Cancer Institute and the Secretary General of the Future Foundation. He also served as the former Egyptian Transport Minister.