Word Of Mouth Still The Greatest Means Of Advertisement. Yay or Nay???

Tired of reading, then listen.

In the business world, one cannot overemphasize the importance/need of advert placing when it has to do with startups and even for businesses already established. But before we venture too far, let’s understand what it means to advertise.

Advertising is a marketing strategy that employs open modes and means to promote or facilitate the selling of a product, service or idea.  In simple terms, you advertise to get more sales. So then, what are these ways or means through which one advertises?

  • Jingles on TV/videos
  • Printing out hand bills and flyers
  • Word of Mouth
  • Using the social media platforms
  • Sponsorship
  • Branding, etc.

Now, while these are all effective means of advertising, the oldest and most effective still remains, the W.O.M (Word of Mouth) which has been in existence even before the origination of business. What does it mean?

Simply put, this is when a person promotes a product/service by speaking favorably of it to another, therefore its name, Word of Mouth.


W.O.M is sometimes done by persons consciously and at other times unconsciously.

That which is done consciously is usually by network marketers who have been remunerated to publicly create awareness about a new or existing product with the aim to increase sales and their number of clients.

But that which is done unconsciously is solely because of the value to be gotten from such product/service.  Let’s look at a scenario. For instance,

I have a friend who owns a beauty parlor, I go to her at all times to get my hair done because,

  1.  She’s my friend, and
  2. even more important, she’s really good at what she does.


Whenever, I get a new hairdo, I usually get a lot of compliments and with each compliment given, I find myself talking about her and her beauty place. In fact, generally because I see her work as exceptional, whenever hair is mentioned as a topic, I always find myself, thinking and talking about her beauty place thereby, creating an awareness for her in my own sphere unconsciously. She’s gotten a good number of clients from persons who looked at my hair and thought….Wow!!!

That is advertisement but in this case, the value gotten from the service/product attracts the clients.


Now, we can say W.O.M and Value works hand in hand. When you give out value as a rule at all times in all your dealings with clients/customers, you are certain to have persons ‘freely’ and unconsciously advertising for you.

While am not trying to discredit or undervalue other modes of advertising which are all effective in their own right, I am trying to bring to light this little business secret, that is most time overlooked. We should learn to fully utilize all the possibilities that Word of Mouth offers; let’s give out Value & see it come back in financial returns or should I say an increasing number of clients.



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