Why Entrepreneurs Gets The Credit For A Successful Business

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I think entrepreneurs are the most unselfish people in the world. They make life better through their products/services and at the same time create opportunities for their staffs to have a sense of purpose to humanity through their jobs”.

Entrepreneurs view things and situations differently, they react differently and they also chose to be a sacrifice for many. The moment you choose / chose to become an entrepreneur, it was a decision that you must have considered with the acknowledgment that you’re not yours anymore, but for the public. To provide a service or product for the masses, you have taken upon yourself the responsibilities of many and given them a right to question and monitor your actions.

It’s a privilege to accept a call to entrepreneurship, because not everyone can survive it. Entrepreneurs are successful because they chose to accept the responsibilities others avoided. Your business idea is a means of empowerment on two fronts; it empowers production and also empowers consumption.

Your business idea all started from your mind. You saw something beautiful you could give to your environment or the world at large. At the initial start of your business, maybe you start with a few employees, but as the business grows, you employ more skilled personnel to partake in the production process. This employment empowers your staff with an opportunity to be a part of history. That purpose which you started alone in your head as a dream, becomes a reality because you brought in the right staffs. You are able to convince them to have a feel of purpose for humanity. You know that joyful feeling you have when in the position to render help to another, that’s the same feeling you share with your employees when your business satisfies your consumers. Truth is, not every employee or partner you came across understood your business fully until they entirely accepted to become a part of the dream.


On the other hand, consumption will only be possible when production takes place. With the presence of your business, you’re creating a solution for the potential consumers. What if you decided not to make such a business public, but rather for personal use? An entrepreneur as dedicated his/her time to understand not just his desires, but the desires of many others and he’s willing to do everything to provide his potential consumers with that product or service.

I will give you an example of a Nigerian billionaire, Sijibomi Ogundele.
Sijibomi is a very dynamic Real Estate entrepreneur and the founder of Sujimoto Construction Company. He was inspired to build beautiful and quality designs at an affordable price. His vision is to produce value for its price, so as to save Nigerians from the excess exploitation from other Real Estate companies. Today he has achieved numerous accolades with his job.
But how does this work; he designs the building while his staffs builds it. At the completion of the construction, the staffs are more excited looking at what they have accomplished knowing their names will be spoken of for time to come, they have made history.

Entrepreneurs care less about who gets the credit, they are driven to leave a legacy. Mark Twain was right when he said “great things can happen when you don’t care who gets the credit.” So, if you insist on becoming an entrepreneur to express your desires or an existing entrepreneur, you must understand the rule of unselfishness and be willing to chase excellence so success can follow you.

Sacrifice is another word that can be used to describe unselfishness. Another Nigerian Billionaire, Akin Alabi wrote in his book titled Small Business Big Money, “it might interest you to know that entrepreneurs work longer hours than employees”. He further said “the entrepreneur is always working. Before he gets to the office and after he leaves. The entrepreneur wakes up in the middle of the night to brainstorm and research on an idea that will move the business forward or solve a knotty issue.”



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