Success Odinaka Eze – ‘I see Failure as a Challenge’

Success Odinaka Eze, founder of EOS Prints
Tired of reading, then listen.

Success Odinaka Eze is the founder of EOS Prints, which specializes in branding of T-Shirts, Souvenirs, Caps etc., just name it. We came across the business hoping to see a male entrepreneur behind the magic. But to our biggest surprise, the young female entrepreneur is the brain behind the magical business. She deserves some accolades, don’t you think? In that regard, she has earned the spot for our entrepreneur of the week.

What problem does your company solve?
We solve the problem people face when looking for who to print on their wears and also do their business branding.

What Ignited the spark in you to start your business venture?
My mum inspired me to start up this business

How did you respond to failure as an entrepreneur?
I see failure as a challenge to do more


Describe your typical day
When I wake up in the morning, I pray, brush my teeth, bath, eat, then off to work. Face new customers with different characters then eat after which I return home for the day.

What motivates you?
My broken relationship with my ex-boyfriend motivates me to do my best to succeed 

How would you define success?
I define success as a state of fulfilment/achievement


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