S. Robson Walton

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Samuel Robson “Rob” Walton born October 28, 1944 is an American businessman.  He served as Chairman of Walmart from 1992 to 2015. As of June 2019, Walton had a net worth of $49.7 billion, making him the 18th richest person in the world.

Rob Walton was born on October 28, 1944, in Tulsa, Oklahoma,  the oldest of four children of Sam Walton cofounder of Wal-Mart, and Helen Walton.Walton attended The College of Wooster and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1966 with a bachelor of science degree in business administration, where he was also a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School in 1969. Walton is also a trustee at The College of Wooster.

After graduation, Walton became a member of the law firm that represented Wal-Mart (his father’s company), Conner & Winters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In 1978, he left Tulsa to join Wal-Mart as a senior vice president, and in 1982, he was appointed vice chairman. He was named chairman of the board of directors on April 7, 1992, two days after his father’s death.

With S. Robson’s vision, Walmart’s benefit comes from sales of worth $405 billion each year as revenue and employs around 2.1 million people across 28 countries. A trust was set up in 1990, which divided the ownership of Wal-Mart’s investments among the three siblings of S. Robson Walton. Alice Walton, the youngest of the Walton family and the sister of S. Robson, is one of the heiress of world’s biggest retail chain with a net worth exceeding $21 billion. In spite of being the richest American Family, the Walton’s lives a low-profile life, and it’s hard to find them in press or any signs of their wealth. The philanthropic Walton family has a Walton Family Foundation and along with his siblings, he has pledged about $2 billion to the Walton Family Foundation from 2008 to 2013.Walton owns a venture capital firm named Madrone Capital Partners. The firm owns a share in the Hyatt Hotels worth approximately $600 million.