Raymond Mkpuma – Aim to change my ‘generational story’

Raymond Mkpuma, founder of Ray Global venture
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Raymond Mkpuma born June 1st, is a Nigerian Tech and Consumable retailer. He is the founder of Ray Global Ventures.

Raymond first got into the retail business as an apprentice at the age of 13 while in Lagos in the year 2009. A year after at age 14, he decided to return back to school making education his priority.

After his education, he relocated to Delta state in 2012, where he now calls home. With an unfinished business in mastering the art of retailing, Raymond decided to continue from where he stopped but this time, becoming an apprentice to his cousin. He got trained by a cousin into selling of phone accessories and in 2015, after 3 years of service he went on to establish his own business.

In 2019, Raymond Mkpuma diversified into consumable retailing having completed a brief training for 2 months training. Although Raymond confesses to unexpected challenges faced in his business resulting to losses as a result of a fall in prices of goods after stocking up.


“I have had so many challenges so far, like losses due to increase or decrease after purchase. Let’s take for instance, sometime last year before December I bought some bags of rice at the rate of 23,500 which was the direct company price but the same rice dropped by December to 22,000 and wholesalers like me who bought at that time were selling 23,000 while I’m supposed to be selling 24,500 or 25,000 but I have to join the normal market price there by selling the same 23,000 and I have 57 bags of old rice with the cost price of 23,500.”

“The same goes for Noodles that same last year. There was scarcity of Noodles in the market to an extend, 1 carton of super pack Indomie 120g was sold at the company’s cost price of 5,300 we were selling 5,350/5,400. But all of a sudden it dropped straight to 3,500 which was the company price, that means we had to sell for 3,400/3,450.”

The instability of price of commodities in the market is actually affecting the growth of the business but my greatest joy was realizing I could actually start small and never gave up.

When quizzed about his achievements Raymond Mkpuma said “In all, I don’t think my achievement is one that can be quantified. With my business, I have been privileged to many connections because whatever I have through the business is due to the connections I got doing the business”.

What are we to expect from your brand in a few years from now?

The nation should expect job opportunities from my business as I’m believing in enlarging the business to employ more workers and with that it will help in creating job for the interested youths.

So for those willing to find you, where can your office be located?

We have separate locations for our businesses. For our consumable products, our office is located at No 11, Ahoro street, off Akpodiete road by Sitewe market Ugheli.

And for our phone accessories products, our office is located at Ekerejabo Road, opposite Sukaj Hotel.

Is there someone you look up to as a role model or mentor?

Yes, I really look up to someone by name Godwin Maduka, based in Anambra state, a Nigerian-American doctor, business man, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center. He started as a small trader that helps people to market their goods.

Tell us how your typical day looks like.

All days are hectic, always busy and get tired especially the days I travel for goods. But at the moment I don’t travel for goods.

What motivates you?

What motivates me most is my goal which is to change the story of my generation, and I believe hard work will make it happen… That’s why I don’t accept defeat in the market. Low or high, I always have goods.


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