Profiting Businesses to Start During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Here are 8 profiting businesses during Covid-19
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It’s been over 5 months since the Covid-19 has been roaming the streets of Nigeria, forcing so many changes to our daily lives and activities. Although, the education sector has been one of the biggest losers amongst others which has remained completely shutdown. While everything is been done to ease the spread of the virus and also see that activities resume gradually, there is only one way to survive this period and that is the character of adaptation. Here are 8 profiting businesses to start while the war against Covid-19 persist.

Delivery services and Logistics

With many consumers afraid to leave their homes or being advised by state governments to shelter in place during the corona-virus crisis, professional delivery services have stepped up to make sure goods can be delivered to homes and businesses. You can profit from this business without owning a logistics company yet. Volunteer to deliver goods while you leverage on logistic companies for long distances.

Grocery stores

With the general public practicing “social distancing” and many states closing restaurant dining rooms, more families are stocking up on goods and eating at home. This has led to large and small grocers alike to see surges in customer demand. In other words you can also profit from this business by owning a small kiosk.

Content Creation

content creation as on of the 8 profiting business

With so much time at hand due to suspended activities and jobs lost, keeping busy with content creation is one way to earn during this pandemic. You can choose to write contents for blogs and get paid or decide to start your blog. Notwithstanding, Vlogging as attracted more engagement compared to blogging. People prefer to watch videos rather than read articles because videos are more entertaining and informative. This is the right time to profit from such a creative business.


Buying Stocks of Companies in Relevant Sectors

Certain sectors, particularly travel and leisure, have been badly hit by the pandemic. This has made the stocks of companies in those sectors a lot cheaper than they were a few months ago. Investing in some of these stocks at the current low value could turn in appreciable gains in the months and years ahead. This may be a good opportunity to own shares in specific companies that were otherwise un-affordable until now. So, look for these cheap stocks and grab a bargain.

Mask Making

The Lock down is at ease and so important occasions are allowed to hold. Such as buying and selling from the markets, burials, marriages, political gatherings, etc. To this effect, there is a compulsory condition that, everyone take precautionary motives to ensure the virus is contained. As such, the demand for masks will continue to increase. Mask making is one the most lucrative on the list of profitable businesses to start.

Online Retailing

With the threat of the virus still increasing by the day, very few persons are willing to risk their lives to the exposure of the virus. And so, they rather make orders for their goods through the internet. This has poised the increase of retailing online through social media platforms, without necessary starting an e-commerce website.

Home Tutoring

The education sector is the highest loser since the start of the pandemic. With schools remaining shutdown, parents are seeking alternatives for their children to access home schooling. This has increased the chances of employment for home tutors. It has since seen rapid demand among the profiting businesses to start.

Business Coaching and Consultation Services

Now millions of people have lost their job, lessons have been learnt from the experience. Many are already moving on by starting their own businesses either out of necessity or as new opportunities emerge. With so many businesses emerging, there will be lots of people who need business consultation to help manage their presence as a new entry into the industry. This will also include mentoring services and so, making business coaching and consultation highly demanded.


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