Nigerian Branding Expert Who Once Thought Less Of Himself Is Celebrated Today

Tired of reading, then listen.

The Nigerian Creative Entrepreneur, Wisdom Imonite Aigbose born on the 30th of August is the founder and C.E.O of Wisempire, a Branding company in Nigeria.

Born into a Christian family in the early 90s, the first of four children, he never really found it easy but though, has always taken upon himself the responsibility of leader. As a child while growing up, he wasn’t one of the brightest academically, overwhelmed with a then-believe that he wasn’t capable of so much more resulting to the low level of productivity in myriad activities. At some point in time in his life, he realized it was inevitable to deny his purpose here on earth so he decided to embark on a journey to be better. By grace at work, he conquered his challenges as a student and went on to excel with a mindset for creativity.

Right after graduating from the department of Architecture, Ambrose Alli University, he started his company Wisempire with the mission to innovate upon the initial creation of others through rebranding and creativity.

Wisempire was founded to give graphic designing a whole new look and working with this mindset, he went on to give out value graphically from Logos, to Business cards and all Creative Designs to Brand Promotions. He also designs amazing building plans that is sure to meet every need for his clients.


Though still a growing firm, Wisempire is set to take on any job no matter how challenging with a promise to deliver especially seeing from his portfolio on the company social handles @wisempire.

So, when next in need of your creative designs, look up Wisempire!!!

Aside from his company, Wisdom loves God and is also passionate about music, he plays the bass guitar and loves listening to music even when designing.  He spends his free time in reading, listening to music and catching up with loved ones!!! He is a goal orientated person who believes that every dream matters and no dream is too big or too great to be achieved.

Wisdom might have been amongst the average academically, but he has proven that creativity is not exclusive to the academic geniuses as he now in turn helps reform initial business innovations.

Below are some of his designs which was created to inspire his clients and random visitors….



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