Brand-building: How to build a Strong Brand

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Getting everyone stuck with your business is one of the main effect of brand-building. It’s a process of brand awareness, marketing, engagement, traffic, and, ultimately, sales.

As simple as brand-building might sound, it is one compartment industries or entrepreneurs, handle with mere levity. Branding is more than just advertisement or getting the best logo. Brand-building is not an immediate achievement, it doesn’t happen in a few days, months, and sometimes even years. Your brand is your customers’ general overview of your business, in other words, your company culture.

Competing with big brands as a small business is one of the reasons why you must find ways to step up and eventually stand out. It is of best opinion to not only build a business but build a brand. Brand-building is all about generating awareness about your business by using campaigns and different strategies with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.

We can talk of branding in three (3) ways;

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity and
  • Brand Marketing

Brand Strategy enacts as the first move when embarking on brand-building whether as an established industry, business, or as a startup. It is the well-outlined plans on how to make your business stand out, how to get the attention of your customers, and making your products or services look ideal to them.


Now, after having a strategy, you will begin to think of identity and how to paint the picture of your outlined plans, thereby conveying them to the public. You must make sure that your identity is applied consistently across all boards as it makes you recognizable. Elements of your identity include; advertising, contents, logos, colours, patterns, packaging, and most importantly, your value, etc.

With your identity in alignment, marketing sets in. This entails the way you connect the value you offer as an enterprise to the right audience, using the right channels especially through various digital marketing activities which can make your brand grow, as well as create proper awareness. Such channels include; social media marketing, word of mouth (W.O.M) marketing, paid advertising, website, and email marketing, and so on.

Having this prior knowledge, it is easy implementing the ideas of building a strong brand for your business by following these steps;

  • Have Vision and Mission Statements: As an enterprise, there has to be a clear indication of what your business or industry represents. Your brand vision is a futuristic and inspirational statement that drives your brand towards achieving its goal. The mission statement depicts the roadmap for accomplishing your vision, as well as the information on how you execute your building strategies.
  • Discover the Purpose Behind Your Brand: You must be able to confidently answer the questions of what, how, and why. Questions like; how am I able to solve customers’ problems? Why should they patronize me? What makes my products or services stand out?
  • Be Known for One or Very Few Things: Especially for a start, building a strong brand entails focusing on one thing. For example, Aliko Dangote was earlier known for his cement production, Bill Gates primarily known for Microsoft, Linda Ikeji rose to become a successful entrepreneur as a blogger. This is so important that whenever your customers think about you, what they only think of is that one thing you know how to do best.
  • Do Proper Studies on the Competitors Within Your Industry or Business Line (Especially the Bigger Brands): As entrepreneurs looking to stand out, you need to study the strengths and weaknesses of bigger brands as a platform to outsmart them in the marketplace. You must not make the mistake of directly copying them while carrying out your studies knowing fully well that the utmost goal is to persuade customers to purchase from you and choose you over them.
  • Evaluate Your Target Audience: The questions are, who are your customers, who are you trying to attract and how can you reach them? You must be able to determine your target audience and reach out effectively to them. Not all audiences have the same interests or care about the same things, so you need to understand what drives your audience into action. Having a direct and bonding connection with the right audience increases your chances of building a very strong brand within your industry.
  • Be Consistent: In building a strong brand within your industry or business line, you really need to be consistent. You need to keep delivering that exact value your customers would fall in love with, this would discern and distinct your products or services as well as secure their utmost trust in you. For example; a restaurant having their customers enjoying their meals must ensure to keep and/or improve the exact tastes and qualities of the food their customers had fallen in love with. One way to achieve this is by adopting the strategy of feed backs.

According to Statista Research Department; strong brands enhance business performance primarily through their influence on three (3) key groups: (current and prospective) customers, employees, and investors. Therefore, brand-building influence customer choice and create loyalty; attract, retain, and motivate talent; and lower the cost of financing. Branding will make your business more relatable, position you as an industry leader and make you known for whatever it is your branding is trying to convey. 


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