Grace Ibhade Omeben

Grace Ibhade Omeben
Tired of reading, then listen.

Grace Ibhade Omeben is the founder of Gracia cakes and more. She is a Computer Science Finalist in Ambrose Alli University. Her creativity and entrepreneurship career as a young lady has earned her our First Entrepreneur of the Week.

What problem does your company solve?
We make events colorful with our beautiful cakes and pastries and also month watering and yummy edibles. We also solve unemployment issues, as we have a platform to train young people to be entrepreneurs too.

What ignited the spark in you to start your business venture?
Passion was the foundation, then also the need to be relevant in my society.

How did you respond to failure as an entrepreneur?
Hmm failure?.. Truthfully that one is always difficult to deal with, but then I count all as part of growth and I learn from each one. Well, I see it as an opportunity to do better. 


Describe your typical day
Wake up, pray, eat, bath, then get to work, my students usually do the baking under my supervision. Then I’ll handle the decorating part, while they help out too.. And then snapping time…my favourite part of the day. I think I’m becoming a pro in photography because i enjoy every bit of it. Then off to delivery; I do not not like keeping my clients waiting.

What motivates you?
My dreams, my visions motivate me.. The fact that I have just one option, which is to succeed only, motivates me, I just can’t fail.

How would you define success?
Hmmmm.. Success is not money success is a mindset, success is being satisfied with your little wins…

What day are you looking forward to?
Like I have so many things to tell my fellow youths especially ladies, and I really hope for a day I’ll be given the platform to enlighten and also educate them with my story, I am certain it will change their mindsets.



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