Favour Ayemere – Never Had Passion For My First Business

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    The self-acclaimed Caramel Skin Therapist, Favour Ayemere, celebrates her birthday today. In a country like Nigeria where women are showing more enthusiasm in entrepreneurship than the men in the recent times, Ayemere who is known as the founder of Bella Laurette Skincare is the taking the Beauty, Cosmetic and Personal care industry by storm.  

    Favour Ayemere is a native of Edo State, born into a family of 8 and probably couldn’t ask for anything other than being the last child of the family. She completed her Primary Education at Obehi Group of School, Benin City before moving to Lagos to stay with her elder sister where she then completed her Secondary Education at St. Augustine College. She studied Airline Ticketing and Reservation at Universal School of Aviation, and she’s currently studying Marketing at Yaba College of Education.

    When we interviewed Ayemere, she disclosed to Mentor Drive that her childhood wasn’t very accommodating to her plans and wishes while growing up.  “My childhood wasn’t as free as I thought, I grew up with my elder sister who is married with 3 handsome kids. I took care of them from birth, it was a wonderful experience for me.” Ayemere was quoted saying her interests were engineered by her environment. “I was interested by the things I grew up to meet, the environment, family and friends.

    Favour Ayemere fonder of Bella Laurette Skincare

    Just like every other entrepreneur doing well today, Ayemere had her challenges but embraced them as her motivation to succeed. Although it could be said to be the usual cliché in every success story, but every story is different. She acknowledges her challenges helped in developing her, up on till date, especially in building her mindset which has made her who she is today.


    Ayemere started her first business at the age of 16, at the time when makeover business was becoming a trend. She sought to acquire the skill hoping to make money from it, it was never about the passion. “I started as a make-up artist but it wasn’t going well for me. As at then, when I got jobs it wasn’t more than 1500 – 2500, but I knew I never had passion for it. All I did was to stop, rethink and started afresh again.

    Ayemere has found her passion with Bella Laurette Skincare which she started in June 8, 2018, and we do think her passion is extending into other industries. She is also the founder of Bella Laurette Logistics which was officially launched May 8th, 2020. In 2019, she was nominated as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by The Entrepreneur Africa Awards. Although she didn’t win, she remained positive. “I was proud to be nominated among other brands, it meant I was doing something nice”. Later that year, she was nominated as Outstanding Entrepreneur of the year by People in Business Network which she won. She has also be featured on Silver Bird Television.

    “The Journey has been tasking, challenging, fun but above all, I am happy at where I am today”.

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