Ellis Itsuokor – I Founded Molis Hair with 5000 Naira

Ellis Itsuokor, founder of Molis Hair
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Ellis Itsuokor is the Founder of Molis Hair Products and Extension Business. She is blessed with a supporting family of 6, and friends who motivate her always. Before deciding to venture into entrepreneurship life, she experienced the business world working as an accountant and secretary separately. When not in business practices, Ellis enjoys reading and listening to music.

What are those things that interested you as a child while growing up that must have shaped your mentality into becoming the adult you are today?

I recall liking to write and sing, being creative, and seeing life in colours made me understand you don’t have to wait for anyone to create opportunities for you. Though I took a while understanding it.

At what point did you begin to realize you wanted to do business?

I realize going into business would be best after securing a job was proving difficult.

What was your very first business as a child before you eventually got established?



We all know family and friends play a major role in our self-establishment, who would you say has been a huge influence to your career?

Absolutely. Their lifestyle, encouragements and advices has built me to become who I am today, I owe it to them.

Why did you choose your business industry?

I’ve always been interested in hair and it’s various styles, which is a necessity for females. Beauty lies in the face first and a woman’s hair is the foundation..

Tell us about your company.

Our motto is simple: Your satisfaction is our reward. We at Molis provide braid wigs, human hair wigs, crochets, sell human hair bundles and provide hair tools as well. Our main aim is simply to provide top notch quality hair yet with affordable prices for ladies out there. Our goal is leaving our customers feeling fabulous.

Starting small is always the sole plan of every entrepreneur, how small did you start your business.

With as little as five thousand, but I was determined to begin somewhere..

Have you been opportune to win grants or had access to loan?

None yet at the moment..

What has been your biggest challenge so far running the company?

Running a business always has its difficulties because you’re competing with others, and not being recognized you always have to ask ‘why are you different from the rest?’.

Where do you envision your company in 5 years time.

Molis being recognized in the hair industry across the country, covering not just fabulous hair for our customers but, branching into the fashion and make-up industry..

Are there any awards to your name?

None yet at the moment.

Do you have a mentor(s) or a role model? If yes, how has your mentor(s) been helpful

Yes, I do have a few role models. They have indirectly helped me to not giving up in myself and my dreams. How they live their lives and keep pushing shows me I can be what i want and more.

Tell us how your typical day looks like.

I spend most day working on hair orders and communicating with my customers. When I don’t work, I read or just chill.

What motivates you?

Getting a feed back from a job well done pushes me to keep doing better. And watching my family and friends succeed is another motivator.



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