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daily motivation
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We are all driven by different daily motivation(s) and inspiration which affects us in our business emotionally, mentally, even as far as physically. It is this individual motivation that often annihilate all possible fear of risk, exterminate the conviction of business acumen, indulge you with that extra boost of positivity, serves as a wake up alarm and ensue within you that Hercules strength needed to pull the team to victory.

At some point in time, most of the successful entrepreneurs had devastating moments, some lasting long for years that almost cost their dreams resulting to depression. While some other entrepreneurs gave in to depression, some others found a solution through motivation and inspiration.

Many can’t motivated because, they fail to see beyond their concise mindset and observations. There are a lot of reasons to keep you motivated as an entrepreneur. I do not know what your daily motivation is, but I have been fortunate to discuss with a reasonable number of successful entrepreneurs. In the cause of this, I got to know a few basic reasons behind their motivations which I’ll be sharing with you.



When an entrepreneur uses the term ‘the big picture’ as a daily motivation, he’s not referring to that 15 inches square frame of him hung on the wall of his sitting room. This is a picture invisible to others because it only dwells in the mind of an entrepreneur and will only be made visible to others when the dream has been fulfilled. The big picture is the future you crave for, it is that dream that hunts you at all time of the day and night. Ironically, it’s a dream you see more with your eyes open.

What are your plans for the future? How do you intend to spend the rest of your life? Are you the type that has admiration for luxury cars maybe the fast ones? What is your family plan? How big a house do you want to live? Maybe you want to live in the most expensive house or you’re contented enough to live on a beach house or you want to live just where the rich live which I think is fair enough. With all these questions and many more, you’re expected to canvas your big picture. The advantage about the big picture is that, you’re free to think the craziest of desires, there are no limitations. No one else lives within you, you own and control every thought that dwells within you.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s greed to want all that you desire; you’re entitled to your dreams and will only achieve it if you work towards it.  Bill Gate was the richest man for over a decade before he was toppled by Jeff Bezos in 2018. Yet Bill Gate still doesn’t live in the most expensive house in the world. Another billionaire’s dream Mukesh Ambani, was to live in the most expensive house in the world and he built it. Who would ever think you could make an artificial snow fall right inside a home? Mukesh Ambani did and he made his wish come through dedicating one of the story building to produce artificial snow. He also dedicated 2 stories for his car park with over 300 cars and another story to his cooks. Maybe this was all part of his big picture.

In exception of the case that you’re satisfied with your present state as your big picture, then there is every reason to regard such as an achievement, but if not, you have to stay focused and determined to catch up with your dream. I know this moment, you are seeing that big picture. This can be your daily motivation to do more, to persevere through the threatening storm as you approach the end of the finish line which is also a starting point for living the dream you always wanted.


Every race won was not a single result of the last leg thrown out, but a multiple combination of several steps taken. The first step is as important as the second, third, till the very last, because without a first step, there wouldn’t have been a start and without second and next steps, there won’t be a continuation and without the last step, there won’t be a victory to celebrate.

So also in business, you must learn to see the progress made in the company from the very start and appreciate how far you’ve come.

It’s a simple logic we all live by but maybe unknown to you that it can be applied to your business. When you give out help, you’re appreciated, that appreciation will encourage you to do more when faced with a repeated situation.

Gratitude is the word to sum it all up. If you’re not grateful for what you have, there wouldn’t be room for more. There are times I see entrepreneurs feeling down because the business seems frustrating at that point in time. The projections they made probably didn’t cut out as expected. I was once a victim for such a complacent attitude. As a daily motivation, make a progress check from the very beginning and compare the difference made so far, you will find out you have made a huge progress and it will be enough to encourage you from quitting, enough to make you realize you’re on track.

You must learn to praise your effort when good. Careless about those who regard your self-motivation as pride because many will do when they hear you appreciate your progress. 


Real life stories are an integral part of human evolution and a unique path to keep up with a system that works upon its anticipated developments. We live in a world where most things exist only because some persons started earlier, leaving a trail and important information to pick up from their ends.

To know more about what interest you and staying motivated, then you must be ready to study more about it. Entrepreneurship is a very broad career that hovers above so many types of businesses. So choosing a starting point for an entrepreneurship career requires proper knowledge about that specific career. Some entrepreneurs only realized they had the potential of an entrepreneurship career after coming across a few success stories of other successful entrepreneurs. As an aspiring or existing entrepreneur, you’re put in the position to question your ability to doing more, knowing you have every reason to do better especially after reading that success story you came across.

When you fill your mind with the stories of several successful entrepreneurs, you’re filled with information, and this information ignites your daily motivation when you feel demoralized. It encourages you to find strength when weak because you now understand that achieving your success is realistic with the assurance that you’re not far from the predictable system or process which you’ve been exposed to.

It’s a proven logic that a success story of an admired entrepreneur would motivate anyone to believing he or she can achieve what so ever desired after an overhaul comparison with the entrepreneur’s story. You begin to see the similarities between your situation and the stories you’re reading about, sometimes you realize you have an advantage to do better, sometimes your situation is worse but good enough to pursue your dreams.


You’re right to have several goals, but you will only achieve them all if you shoot one ball at a time .
Raphael Oni

Anxiety is not always a good feeling when in the pursuit of a victory. It sometimes distracts you from the process involved in reaching the summit and can be very taunting to your patience which would often lead to a cause for giving up. In other words, you could be very nervous while approaching the end of a task or could also experience the “I can’t wait” ironic figure of speech which literally means, the only obstacle between you and your expectation is time so you would have to wait. As a result of this feeling(s), time could become even more far-off and not everyone can manage such a wait but one easy way out of such feeling is staying motivated through set-goals.

Set-goals or milestones are steps needed to climb through to the top. Setting specific goals to keep you 120% hands-on-deck is a good move to stay motivated at all times. As long as there exist the big picture, it is best you lay down the various steps to achieve that. By breaking the big picture into smaller puzzles, it encourages new challenges along the way which is always good for the fun of entrepreneurship. This new challenges are part of the zeal that motivates you, knowing you’ve emerged victorious in the previous stages of the business.

Milestones also helps you to keep record on your progress made. So many entrepreneurs quit on their dreams because they lacked the discipline of setting and accomplishing goals. One common character that exists amongst Man is the character of acquisition. But we could differ from the things which we so desire to add up to our lives based on our imperative indifferences. But for the sake of success in business, entrepreneurs share a mutual derivation; maximizing profit. There is an applied process that ensures you can maximize your business profit which cycles around the growth and expansion of your business. Every business growth and expansion is managed by the milestones laid down.

Milestones will only create an avenue to question your guts as an entrepreneur and as long as your guts remains questioned to deliver, you will always stay focused on the mission and motivated to do more. When every accomplishment regardless of the importance either big or small, is perceived as the very beginning of your growth, you will always find within you the daily motivation to do more.


The easiest way to either make or break a man is through the words of the tongue. Mentors enjoy a high privilege of building those who look up to them for business advice and mentorship. Two things are concomitant with successful entrepreneurs; fame and profit. These two attributes requires a process that must be followed through to achieve. So if there is an opportunity to leverage on the knowledge needed to reach such a goal, then why should it be disregarded?

It cannot be over emphasized that entrepreneurs actually feed on challenges but if for once you have ever been so unfortunate to share a room with an entrepreneur who isn’t getting answers to his challenges, then you would begin to feel awkward especially when you do not seem to have a different opinion with all presented on the table. This has accounted for numerous entrepreneurs giving up on their businesses because at a point in time they lost the daily motivation to carry on.

I’m going to deviate a little with my explanations as I intend to further explain…..

I have a robust phobia for tunnels especially when I do not know where and how long it could take me to get to the end of the tunnel. Even before entering the tunnel, I have this weird feeling like the oxygen is exhausted and I would suffocate to death. Regardless of the size, though the lower the size the more dangerous it could be to my phobia reaction. Just maybe if I had someone who told me he had gone through the tunnel earlier and is only there to guide me through, then, I have a 90% chance I wouldn’t react wrongly to the tunnel only because I see that individual as my light at the end of the tunnel (motivation).

You will only be motivated when you overcome challenges upfront, especially when done with ease. Your hunger for greater challenges encourages your drive and keeps your anticipating that one which you think will prove difficult.

98% of successful entrepreneurs heeded in their thoughts but they chose to either be motivated or depressed. Think wisely!


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