Choosing A Mentor


Identifying a mentor has become a part of every entrepreneurs’ wish-list but has thus far been a sentimental and complicated decision. The easiest and quickest help you can get from any successful entrepreneur is mentorship especially through social media apps. Despite there are a number of entrepreneurs who are willing to share insights, guides and experiences, there is a need to have one you call your mentor. But before choosing a mentor, first you need to understand who a mentor is.

Who is a mentor? A mentor is a friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling behavior. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and turned into the needs of the mentee.

It is best we understand that a mentor is not the same as a role model. Many have misused both and that has misled the true interpretation. A role model is simply a person you look up to and try to emulate, you can find some of the famous entrepreneurs on our success stories page. On the other hand, a mentor takes an active role in guiding someone, either with life goals, or specific career/job/educational aims.


There are several reasons for picking a mentor, but we shall be identifying the factors considered based on statistics

Field of Business: For the various reasons we consider when choosing a mentor, this is a very important reason. The field of business you intend to get into is not new to the world. Therefore it is very important that you know what to deliver as you intend to startup your own business. By looking into an entrepreneur who deals in the same field of business as you intend to, it will help reduce the mistakes encountered and wrong business policies applied by other new/young entrepreneurs. Rather than try to be just like your mentor, you will understand what he did thereby helping your work and plan easier as you aim to be better than him. This in other sense means his best will have to be your good.

Personal Life: In most scenarios, the life a man chooses to adopt or live justifies his end. When you read about most of the successful entrepreneurs, you will observe there was a common life they lived. This is because your way of life determines what is attracted to you, who is attracted to you and what can influence your mind and thoughts. It is mostly said that one who belittle his staffs can’t be a good leader, nor one who’s lazy finds it very difficult to stay concentrated or focused on their objectives and goals to being successful. So if you have critically observed the lifestyle of most successful entrepreneurs, they tried to reduce distraction to the very minimal by cutting off those activities that will hinder their focus. You might decide that choosing a mentor will be based on his personal life because you belief that is what it takes to become a very successful entrepreneur.

Appearance: Though statistics shows that this factor to choosing a mentor is on a very low percentage. Nevertheless, this is another reason why you can choose a mentor. Because of appearance some successful entrepreneurs are not considered for a mentor. The appearance can be classified in several ways; Colour (Racism), beauty, body size, gender, etc. Some persons could because of racism not want to choose a successful entrepreneur as a mentor. Also one could decide not to select an entrepreneur because he might be too fat or thin regardless of his or her success and achievement. Some entrepreneurs are also not considered for a mentor because they are not good looking even if they have much to offer to the mentee. Today, statistics shows that there are more females emerging as entrepreneurs in the world. But gender inequality has made it difficult for a male to identify a female entrepreneur as a mentor and female to identify a male entrepreneur as mentors respectively. But regardless of the gender, there is a lot to learn from either a successful male of female entrepreneur.

Success Rate: This is the most considered factor or reason when choosing a mentor as shown by statistics. Most individuals believe that every successful entrepreneur can succeed in any field of business; this is because they believe success is achieved in a certain way regardless of your field of business. In this school of thought, individuals dwell on the mindset and not the business. And that is why regardless of the business type, most very successful entrepreneurs operate in, they are still invited to grace school seminars, business summits, political summits etc., with their opinions as to how a change to poor growth and development can be alleviated in every area of life. Take for example, Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian Billionaire has been invited to political summits, school seminars to encourage every student regardless of their course of study. So also, the likes of Steve Jobs, an American inventor and entrepreneur who was also able to mentor a lot of successful entrepreneurs, the likes of Facebook Co-Founder, Mark Zuckerberg regardless of the field of business.

Environment: The two major factors that has really influenced our choices of mentors are field of business and success rate.
Another reason why most young entrepreneurs fail to live up to their mentors is because they fail to consider a factor that is pivotal to their mentor’s success, environment. Environment is a very important and necessary factor to consider when choosing a mentor. Environment determines the way people think about your product or service, the level of interest that might be drawn to the business, the strategies and measures to apply, the sacrifices to expect for the business and several others.

The above factors are provided so you can attain above 90% accuracy when choosing a mentor. If you’re finding it difficult to identify a mentor(s) please send us a message.