Anastasia Adikaibe – ‘I want to empower people’

Anastasia Adikaibe
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Anastasia Chigozie Adikaibe who hails from Imo state, Orlu precisely is the second in a family of three. Despite her talent in singing, she spends more time cooking. She is a Baker and the Founder & CEO of Tasty Stacy Events and Confectioneries. If there is anything we quickly observed about her was her smile; for every time she spoke, she always started with a smile. Anastasia Adikaibe charismatic and entrepreneurial characteristics has earned her a spot as our Entrepreneur of the Week.

What are those things that interested you as a child while growing up that must have shaped your mentality into becoming the adult you are today?

Growing up, have always loved singing and I was much more interested in fashion, I loved dressing up and looking good. But from the age of 12, it all changed. I started picking interest in kitchen although, I have always loved to be in the kitchen helping out. Then I had a book I used in taking notes of ingredients and recipes while mom was cooking. Although I had some negative experiences especially considering my family background but the zeal to succeed was always purging me so, it made me understood I had to get what I want by changing the narratives.

At what point did you begin to realize you wanted to do business?

I started baking when I was 14. I used my big sister’s phone to always check recipe online, then I also went to a free skill acquisition center. I would go to my church and street and beg people to allow me do cakes for their birthdays and they gave me a token. Then I realized that I was going to venture into owning my own business. And I never really fancy working under someone.

What was your very first business as a child before you eventually got established?

A cake I baked for 2500 for my neighbor’s daughter.


Why did you choose your business industry?

I have always had an undying passion for baking. And I love the kitchen.

Tell us about your company.

The name of my company is Tasty Stacy Events and Confectioneries. It was founded in August 15th 2019, just had my one year anniversary on Saturday, last week. Its a place for all kinds of events (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, proposals, surprises, and lots more). We make events memorable with our cakes and yummy treats. We also do training thereby making people engaged and also self-employed.

Anastasia Adikaibe

Starting small is always the sole plan of every entrepreneur, how small did you start your business?

I started my business with just one cake pan, a piping set and a stove to bake. I am indeed proud of how far and well I have gone.

What has been your biggest challenge so far running the business?

Hmm, I will say delivering cakes outside Lagos, it hasn’t been easy. Still looking for a logistics that can do that.

Where do you envision your company in 5 years time.

To be one of the top bakers. I want to have empowered lots of youths and also adults through this skill.

What is your greatest achievement so far? Are there any awards to your name?

Being able to achieve some of my set goals. Also making those who believe in me proud especially my parents.
Actually yes, I had two awards but that was way back in 2015(secondary school). An outstanding performance as the social prefect. Best female prefect in my set. And now this interview; its an honour.

Do you have a mentors or a role models? If yes, how has your mentors been helpful?

Yes. The CEO of Mentor Drive, Mr Raphael Oni, he really brings out the best in me, he inspires me to be better. Also I admire the founder of Carlos Bakery, Buddy Valastro. I look up to my parents so much, they are my role model.

Tell us how your typical day looks like.

I wake up, have morning devotions with my family, do my house chores, run errands for my parents if there are any, go to my workshop to teach and have practicals with my students. Then the part I enjoy most is showing my work to the world. I come back home after the day’s work, cook dinner, bath, read a little and sleep.

What motivates you?

Competition and the determination to be successful.
It hasn’t been all easy and rosy. I make mistakes but I never let them get to me. I am happy have grown better and I am still growing to be the best of me.
I advise people to never give up on their dreams, do it, even if it doesn’t work, just do it and trust me one day you will be happy you tried. Thank you.



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